Norman Regional Health System

The problem isn’t running, it is HOW we run.

A gait analysis is used to evaluate your running form to determine if there are imbalances, weaknesses or compensations that are contributing to your injuries or impairing your performance. Good running form consists of proper posture, maintaining a strong and stable core, proper breathing, efficient cadence, spring-like impact, and letting the upper body set the rhythm. Gait Analysis at NMOTION will include video analysis on both a standard and motor less TrueForm Treadmill. Typically, when an athlete runs on a treadmill, they will have a different gait than when running outside. When running on a TrueForm Treadmill, an athlete uses more of their natural form. By using a combination of treadmills we can get a true snapshot of how an athlete is currently running and what changes they commonly make with increased speed, mileage, and fatigue. Your provider will review your results with you and make recommendations and provide a treatment plan.

Running Form image

Proper running form is essential to maximizing performance and reducing the risk of injury. Our goal is to let your form become natural and efficient so you can run faster and farther while keeping it healthy, beneficial and fun.

Patients will need to wear or bring the following to a running gait analysis appointment:

  • Tight-fitting, non-reflective athletic clothing
  • Running shoes
  • Water bottle